Greater Grace Worship Center was established pursuant to a direct commission by God by equipping believers who have united themselves under the banner of their pastor to reach and disciple unbelievers. We are fully committed to Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Holy Bible. We strive to live holy and sanctified lives and fully embrace the core values of this ministry. We are passionate about praise and worship and we care for all people, regardless of their financial status, health, or ethnicity.

We are committed to serving God and one another in a spirit of excellence as demonstrated through committing our time, energy and resources to enable the ministry to fulfill its purpose and reach its destiny. We believe in ourselves and after discovering our God-given gifts and calling, we are determined to do our part to ensure that Greater Grace Worship Center successfully completes its God-given mission, to reach, teach, and win the lost to Christ. We value teamwork and mutual cooperation and we encourage our leaders to utilize a coaching philosophy to achieve ministry goals and objectives. We will continue to expand our school, Greater Grace School of the Bible, for the purpose of education, training and equipping ministers, leaders, and other Christians. We will encourage our members to further their personal development by obtaining books, tapes, and other audio-visual material through our church bookstore and media department, and by attending our Bible school and other institutions of higher learning.

While we hold unwaveringly to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of His apostles, we are not bound by unfruitful traditions, but are willing to explore new and exciting ways to win and disciple new Christians. Our aim is to reach a diverse population of all ages, cultures and ethnicities that reflect the communities of the greater Sacramento Valley. There will be a special effort to reach young people and men who have been underrepresented in many churches. We are also committed to helping the less advantaged through our food giveaways, computer lab, and other social programs managed by Greater Grace Family Support Services.

Because our vision is larger than our current facilities, we will plan for growth by increasing the number and nature of our weekend worship services, plan for separate services for our children and teens, and develop ways and means to add and/or remodel our facilities to provide additional space for a youth center, a café for fellowship on church grounds, classrooms and offices for Greater Grace Family Support Services and Greater Grace School of the Bible.

We are a five-star church with an unquenchable desire to succeed and please God. We will not give up, give in or quit in the face of opposition or obstacles. We refuse to be discouraged regardless of temporary setbacks. We will reward and celebrate those who make positive contributions toward the mission and vision of this ministry. We will work together, stick together and pray together. We will find solutions to any problems we encounter. We will succeed! We are members of a great church, Greater Grace Worship Center. Amen!